Our Charity Partner- Access UK

Our Charity Partner- Access UK

Afropopsocks is excited to announce a new charitable partnership with Access UK, an organisation focused on career development for youth in the Black and Minority Ethnic community (BAME).


Access UK provides career services to disadvantaged and marginalised youth, with a large focus on those in the BAME community. The ultimate goal of the organisation is to reverse the 50% national unemployment rate of the BAME community in the UK by at least 30% through a variety of services. These services include training to provide the necessary qualifications required to compete in the job market, innovative and progressive workshops to assist with career placement, mentorship programmes, apprenticeship assistance, and employer services to help recruit young talent.


Access UK believes that every child in the BAME community deserves a chance to succeed no matter where they come from. Access UK offers gang mediation to help BAME youth choose another path, recover from prior gang involvement, and provide educational research to employers that prove past gang members can still be high assets to their businesses. Access UK also focuses largely on improving the BAME community by promoting black-owned businesses. Growing the black pound ultimately grows the black economy.



Afrpopsocks is proud to partner with Access UK to give back. A portion of annual profits from the company’s sales will be donated to Access UK. Additionally, customers will be able to make their own donations on the checkout page by simply clicking a button to make a donation with their purchase.


Afropopsocks is a London based brand created and operated by designers of African heritage. We believe our youth is the future. While there is so much work to be done, we believe this partnership is a step in the right direction to give our youth equal opportunities to succeed.


We invite you to read more about Access UK here:  https://www.accessuk.org/

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Thank you for your continued support.


  • Afropopsocks Team
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