Are you in need of that great fun African feeling?
Do you want to wear beautiful and awesome socks that make you feel fantastic with every step?

Then welcome to Afropop socks. Afropop socks represent Africa as a whole, presenting you with great new designs that look great on your feet. Afropop socks are of high quality and come with so many amazing designs. Each sock has a unique design with a touch of Africa.

Afropop Amazing Designs

The Dashiki design has an awesome arrangement of African colours. This design represents parts of West Africa. The Purple colour represents African royalty and blue is the colour of love, peace and harmony.

These socks can go very well with any formal outfit you wear. It is available in small, medium and big sizes for you and the rest of your family. 
It can be bought for £9.99, but a discount is available when you buy more than 4 at the price of £7.99.

Scholar Designs
If you are in the mood for action, you want to dance or go for a run, wear the scholar design. The shapes on the scholar design were created from the Adinkra symbol, which represents longevity and the need to be educated. This beautiful looking pair of socks can be worn by men and women, and children as it has a lot of different colours including Orange, Pink, and Blue.  
It can be bought for £9.99, but a discount is available when you buy more than 4 at the price of £7.99. Like the Dashiki design.

Sunshine Designs
It is summertime, you do not know what to wear, or what colours would look and feel great on your feet. Have you tried out the Sunshine design from the Afropop socks range?

The Sunshine design has the right colour complexion fit for the summer. Represented colours include hot yellow, emerald green and bright red all mixed up in an amazing pattern.

Tribal Vibes Designs
The Tribal Vibes design is an official welcome to Africa and the design was inspired by that of the necklaces mostly worn by past African natives. This is an exclusive design made with the usual orange coloured yarn and beautiful graphical shapes.

Afropop socks represent an innovative brand of socks that have been inspired by the culture of Africans. The use of cotton blend, makes Afropop socks durable and very soft, enabling long-lasting comfort to you.

More colours will soon be available, please contact us and let us know your favourite colour @ [email protected].

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